About Us

Wendy FeredayHello, my name is Wendy Fereday and I have been teaching swimming lessons to all ages since 1974. I hold a B.A. in Ergonomics (Physiology of Exercise), a teaching credential in Physical Education and a coaching certificate in swimming. We started the Wendy Fereday Swim School in 1995 and have been current members of the United States Swim School Association since that time.

All of our pools are well maintained and sanitized. The water temperature is maintained at a constant 86 to 88 degrees. Our goal is not to just teach your child to swim, but to learn to thoroughly enjoy the water. We teach safety and survival skills along with the foundations of stroke technique. We believe love and understanding within a structured environment will produce a safe and happy swimmer.

Our teachers are all trained with the same philosophy and methods so there is consistency in the teaching program. Repetition and quality practice are key to developing good swimming technique. Our teachers are well trained and love children!

We look forward to having you as part of our swim school program!


With loving teachers and committed guidance, we aim to meet each child’s personal needs so that they can be independent and successful swimmers. Our goal is to see the joy and confidence emerge as your child learns how to be skilled in an aquatic environment. Our instructors aim to create a relationship with each student based on love and trust. We strive to provide water safety education to the community we serve including the Santa Ynez Valley, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, Carpinteria and Ventura.


Children are a gift from God and it is our honor and privilege to have your children in our program. We believe that their aquatic education is among the most important skills your child will develop in their life. We believe that through regular weekly water exposure your child will continue to adapt to the water and reinforce safety and life saving skills for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment. We believe that with patience and positive reinforcement, all children can learn to swim at an early age. As a family swim program we believe that it is imperative to support the whole family with water safety awareness, education and instruction.