Kite Strings of Connection: 5 Keys to Build A Heart Connection with Your Child

Within seconds after birth as you hold your child in your arms and look into those precious eyes, you know it--this life is completely dependent upon you. The power of love parents have for their children is a force unmatched. As parents, we have … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Baby for Successful Swimming

Children must master four skills to be able to swim: submersion, buoyancy, balance and breath control. The “big hairy monster” in all of this is submersion. Being underwater can be scary. The job of professional swim instructors is to break this … [Read more...]

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Growing Healthy Kids

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What to do When a Child is Scared of Halloween

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Fall Newsletter 2014

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Study Finds Swimming Grows Minds by Nate Traylor

Trying to sell a pool to a family that isn’t quite convinced? Hit ’em with this fact: Kids who swim are smarter. According to a recent Australian study, children who participate in swim lessons at an early age reach significant developmental … [Read more...]

Water Safety in Your Home

As parents, we know safety is always at the forefront of your mind. We know too that with little ones around, seemingly harmless things can become hazardous in a moment. It can see overwhelming at times, but ease your fears by being proactive in your … [Read more...]

Trust Cycle (2/14/14)

Learning to trust the water is an essential part of swimming. Some children experience fear, and we believe the best way to avoid this fear is to start babies in lessons early, so they learn to trust the water at an early age. Children can overcome … [Read more...]

Fall Newsletter 2013

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