For schedule information please see the Calendar. For Further Pricing and Availability please call the office 805.964.7818 or you can fill out our new student contact form online.

As we do not have “sessions”, Wendy Fereday Swim School offers continuous enrollment allowing new and returning clients to register any time throughout the year. Once you register for a class, the class date and time are yours until you decide to cancel swim lessons or transfer to another day or time. Lessons run year round and you can sign-up at any time!

We’ll be happy to get you started by mailing out a packet to you. If you want to get it even faster you can download it by the link below. Then we can book you once you mail the forms and fee of $20 per child in to the office. If you need to cancel a 30-day cancellation notice is required.

Water Babies Level I

We offer Water Babies Level I Classes in our Hydro Pool for babies ages 2.5 months to 9 months. The Hydro-Pool is a smaller environment with the water temperature at 94 degrees. These are small individualized classes of only 4 babies and 4 parents in the water. We work with you and your child for at least 2 cycles. The price is a group price and not a Babies Class price.

Water Babies Level II

This class is designed to provide a positive and comfortable water experience for your baby. The class will help your child gain the basic skills needed to successfully participate in the more independent learning environment of our private lessons program. Babies are gently introduced to floating skills, breath control, submersion, and whole body movement through the water. Parents will learn the proper techniques for working with their baby in the water, leading to the comfort level of the baby and enhancing the learning process. Baby classes are a wonderful experience for both baby and parent! (4 1/2 months and up)

Private Lessons

Private lessons with your child enable us to adapt to your child’s age, ability, and personality on all levels, assuring the maximum progress possible. Lessons can be either 15 or 30 minutes long. (Ages 18 months and up)

Semi-Private Lessons

With a two to one ratio your children will have a blast in these lessons. Students are grouped by age and ability with a good comfort level of the water. All lessons are 30 minutes long. (Ages 3 1/2 and up)

Group Lessons

These lessons have a five to one ratio. Group lessons allow you to maintain a high quality learning experience at a lower cost. Group lessons are offered to students who have been with the program for at least one cycle. Students must be confident, independent swimmers. (Ages 4 and up)

Adult Lessons

30 minute lessons starting with the basics or working with stroke technique.

Home Lessons

Our instructors come to your home once or twice a week year round. Pool must be privately owned and at least 86 degrees. Our experienced instructors are available for these lessons. One hour minimum required. (All Ages)