Swim Team

The Fereday Swim Team is a non-competitive swim team. Swim Teams meet once a week. We participate in several meets during the summer and one during the school year. The swim team is designed to be a smooth progression from group lessons. Children will be swimming full lengths of the pool building strength and endurance in swimming while practicing all 4 competitive strokes. Membership on the team includes a team cap. Teacher approval required for registration on the team.

Swim Team Divisions:

Mighty Mites Team (4-6 years)
We start with the basics in this program. Our goal is to build a foundation of proper stroke technique so that your child will continue to develop the correct skills. We will refine technique in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke.  Once these skills are mastered we will begin teaching breaststroke. Workouts are typically 30 minutes long.

Bronze Team (5-8 years)
The entire session will be spent on improving and perfecting technique, stamina and speed in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. We will also introduce starts and turns for freestyle. Workouts are typically 30 minutes long.

Silver Team (7-12 years)
Children are proficient in freestyle and backstroke and have a working knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. Workouts will stress endurance and technique in combination with improving speed. Workouts are typically 45 minutes long.